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Email marketing AMA

Our vision on email marketing is, and will continue to be one of the most important tools of Digital Marketing. However, this does not mean that we can make this channel a place where we pour out large volumes of information for large volumes of people hoping that this can bring us some kind of result.
When we follow this type of behaviour, it is more likely that we will obtain high bounce rates, low opening rates and very low click rates. Then the impression remains of:

"Email marketing doesn’t work like it used to anymore"


Nowadays information is consumed in a much more intelligent way and the emails we receive have to be more than anything relevant.

We create:

AMA's Email Marketing Methodology

We created our own methodology of email marketing that enables us to have opening rates on average above 20% and clickthrough rates on average above 80%. The methodology itself is not going to be explained here. But basically, what we do is we diverge from the traditional way of doing email marketing, we talk to your target audience, we understand your preferences, we study all the data and we build automation trees.

Opening rates of 20% on average


Clickthrough rates of 80% on average

Example of an automation tree

Let's imagine that we have an ongoing campaign to promote your company's presence at an event, where the goal is to get the most qualified meetings at your stand.
  • #1

    3 months before, we segmented a list of potential customers in your database who might be able to attend that same event;

  • #2

    In automation we assign what we call scoring levels to each of your potential customers. Scoring defines the level of engagement that each person has with your brand. The way it is counted is through the number of times an individual opens and clicks on the contents of his emails;

  • #3

    We built a set of content that will be disseminated by email marketing;

  • #4

    Content will be disseminated to increase the relation and trust of your target-audience and others to measure the interest level in your product or service;

  • #5

    All previous data is automatically measured and will generate a scoring level for each potential customer;

  • #6

    In the tree we set up several paths with different contents with the sole objective of reaching the desired scoring level. People who have low scoring will automatically receive lighter emails to increase trust and improve their relationship with your company;

  • #7

    As the scoring level increases, emails related to your product / service will automatically be triggered and once you reach the maximum level you want, your salesperson will receive an email notification that the lead is hot and can be contacted to schedule a meeting.


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