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Creation of websites and SEO optimization

"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business"

(Bill Gates)

No doubt about it that nowadays having a website or online store that totally transmits your business is crucial.
Is it really only necessary to “open up a store” and expect customers to fly in? We can guarantee you that that is most definitely not the case!

Our first preoccupation is that your website appears when someone searches up a product or service that you offer. What´s the use of having a website if it´s not going to be found by your target audience?

When customers enter your store you are not 100% sure they will purchase something or even be minimally interested right? In your website´s case it works exactly the same way.

The person who makes your website needs to understand your company and its customers so the proposition of value can be efficiently communicated, so that your visitors turn into clients.
You have to analyse and know your customer´s consumer journey and nourish the website with the right content so that the conversion rate of your customer can be at the expected threshold/ level.
If you don’t monitor the behaviour of your visitor constantly and make adjustments to your website continuously, it is most likely that you will spend money and get none returned.
And if your customers get interested, do they have at their disposal the necessary tools to express that interest and/or make a purchase?

We like to say that “we don’t only build websites”, but we indeed help our customers to obtain results in regards to the investments they make with us."

We like to say that “we don’t only build websites”, but we indeed help our customers to obtain results in regards to the investments they make with us."

AMA's Website creation and optimization service

  • Diagnosis: Understanding of all propositions of value of the company as well as the study of your target audience.

  • Website / Store creation

  • Basic SEO optimization (required)

  • Management of continuous optimization of your website

  • Performance report



Does it appear on the 1º first page of Google in the related searches to your business? Your loosing potential customers: you need the SEO service.

"About 80% of the websites are found through the searching on search engines like Google."

Those who already know your company and searching by the name will have no difficulty in finding it. But try searching up the type of products/ services you sell? Does your website appear among the search results? In what position? If it doesn´t appear on the first page then you have a problem of online visibility and you could be loosing customers. In other words you need a SEO service to optimize your website for the searches that interest your business.
The optimization service for searching engines of AMA helps you rise in the Google ranking and being found by your potential future customers before your competition.

Main advantages of SEO

  • Improves the placement of sites in the Google results list;

  • Increases the number of visits to the website;

  • Obtains qualified visitors, that are actually thinking about purchasing a certain product/service;

  • Checks credibility: It´s proven that people trust organic searches more than paid ADS (although both should be ideally combined solutions);

  • Increases competitiveness: a well-optimized website of a PME can compete with larger companies;

What our SEO service includes

ATTENTION: We don’t sell ”pigs in a poke”!

AMA guarantees you results, but refuses to sell “pigs in a poke”.

A SEO consultant that promises you Google´s 1º place in a couple of weeks after the implementation of a strategy is not being serious, and is most likely preparing to screw up using unethical techniques (black hat SEO) that Google today already penalizes heavily. The success of a SEO process depends on an effective strategy, on the knowledge of the best practices and exhaustive implementation.


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