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Content Marketing and
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Think about this example:

Why is it that between two books, one you can read from the beginning up until the end and the other one you are not even able to finish reading the first page? After all they are “the same thing” “they are books”. Perhaps the first one has high relevance and interest for us and the second one doesn´t, right??

With the general public it´s exactly the same situation.
It is of no use to “write a book” about what your service/product is, the advantages of working with you or the history and experience of your company... you have to understand who your audience is what really interests them...When you know this, you have taken your first step towards potential growth on your networks, and most likely on the number of your customers too.

At AMA we believe in the prevalence of Pull Marketing content, this basically means that it is content taken to an audience that is interested in that same content.

We have created a unique content creation methodology:
Content Methodology: AAA-ACA-CCC


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